The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking Gear

It’s important to pick your items carefully when it comes to a backpack. After all, you’ll be carrying the items with you here, there and everywhere.

The last thing you will want is to be weighed down because you packed a laptop you’ll never use or too many shoes.

It’s important to only pack the items you need – and to consider essential items you haven’t thought about. For this reason, we’re offering the ultimate guide to backpacking gear.


You never know where travel will take you when journeying your way across the globe. One night you could be staying in a luxury hotel, and the next you might be sleeping in a field.

That’s the beauty of backpacking. It will ensure you always have a place to call home, even when you’re miles away from your home country. Trust us, you’ll be glad you packed it.

Sleeping Pad

Don’t compromise on comfort because you’re a traveller. As well as packing a tent, you must back a sleeping pad, so you’ll always have a comfy bed to rest your weary head.

You never know what type of terrain you’ll have to sleep on, so a sleeping pad will ensure you have a great night’s sleep.

Sleeping Bag

Now, you would have to be a little foolish to back a tent and sleeping pad but no sleeping bag.

You might think you don’t need one, but even the hottest climates can experience a chilly night. Don’t make the mistake of not packing a sleeping bag, as it will keep you protected on a cold night in the great outdoors.

What’s more, you can use it a hostel if you want to use your own blanket.


One minute you might be in the blistering heat of Thailand, and the next week you could be enjoying the snowy weather in Poland.

That’s why it’s important to take different layers with you, because who knows where you’ll end up on your travels. Pack everything from a lightweight jacket to a raincoat.


A flashlight will be a lifesaver when you need it. From finding your way across a derelict field to making your way along a dark alley, a flashlight will come to the rescue.

It’s a safety net when you need to shed a little light in a dark and strange environment.

First Aid Kit

You’re bound to experience allsorts of cuts and scrapes when travelling the world. From falling out of a hostel bunk to cutting your knee when hiking, it can help tend to any wounds you have.

Pack everything from aftersun, bandages, antiseptic cream and band aids.

Hand Sanitizer

Travelling the world will take you to some weird, wonderful and dirty places. That’s why we highly recommend taking some hand sanitizer with you.

It will freshen up your hands when on the move, and can prevent you from coming into contact with diseases and viruses.

A Trash Bag

You might wonder why a trash bag is on this list, but it’s one item you’ll be glad you packed.

It will have so many different uses. For instance, you can use it to put muddy shoes back into your back, or to clean up any mess following a burst toiletry.

Baby Wipes

Another product you’ll be glad you took with you is baby wipes. It’s a great way to freshen up when a bath or shower feels like a million miles away.

It can also help you to clean any mud off your shoes, dirt off your clothes or to clean up any messes you make.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

This one should go without saying, but we thought it was important to add it to the list. No matter where you are in the world, you must make time to brush your teeth at least twice per day.

You’ll know about it when you have to pay a hefty bill at an overseas dentist.

Spare Socks

You’re bound to be on the move a lot, so it helps to pack an extra pair of socks so you can freshen up your feet.

You can also use it to store small, loose items in one place in your backpack, so you’ll always have them close to hand. Genius, right?


You will want to remember your travel experience for all the right reasons, not because you were badly sunburned.

Don’t allow harmful UV rays to damage your skin and take an SPF sunscreen of 30 or higher.

Metal Mug

Whether you’re camping on a beach or living in a hostel, carry a metal mug with you to ensure you are drinking from a hygienic cup.

It will prevent you coming into contact with any harmful bacteria, and you’ll always be able to grab a drink.


From lighting up a path on a dark night to lighting an outdoor stove, a lighter will always be a handy tool on your travels. Yet, you won’t be able to take it on a plane unless it’s in a transparent bag.


Never allow yourself to become hungry when backpacking and always carry food with you. Whether it’s a few snacks, sandwich or fruit, carry food with you to keep hunger pangs away.

Do you know any essential backpacking items we’ve left off the list? Feel free to write a comment below. We’d love to read your tips.

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