Items Every Traveller Should Leave at Home

I’ve travelled to my fair share of countries over the past few years, from Kibera to New York, which has allowed me to pick up some pretty handy tips along the way. I have been guilty of some of the following travel sins myself, so now’s the time to learn from my mistakes.


Do you need a tablet and a laptop? Not really. One can be sacrificed for the other. In fact, if you’re only taking them for the internet, maybe just stick with your phone. Trust me, you won’t want to be hauling all those expensive, heavy items across the world with you.


There are so many good books and so little time, right? Well, carrying all those books will only slow you down. While it might seem like a crime to wordsmiths, but it’s time for travellers to ditch the paper books and invest in an ebook reader, such as a Kindle, to easily transport thousands of books on your travels.

Too Many Shoes

We know you probably love your shoes, but you know what you won’t love? Trekking all those heavy shoes with you, only for you to never wear them, ruin them or lose them. So, be sensible take comfy, appropriate footwear with you on your travels and leave everything else at home.


Taking valuables on your travels can sometimes be asking for trouble. I strongly advise you leave expensive items, such as jewellery, or sentimental keepsakes at home, in the chance they are stolen, become lost or damaged.

A Guitar

We all know that one traveller who insists on taking their guitar with them. What you fail to see is that travel has to awkwardly trek this instrument with him along the way, with it getting in his/her way and suffering a fair bit of damage along the way. Don’t be the attention seeker of your travelling group and leave the guitar at home where it belongs.

Traveller’s Cheques

We all know traveller’s cheques are one of the safest ways to store your money when abroad, but are they really? It is actually quite ridiculous trying to actually find somewhere to exchange them. Let’s face it, these cheques are very much part of the past.

Too Many Toiletries

We all love a good body butter, hand cream, dry shampoo, night cream, face mask and shaving cream, but do we need to take all these things on our travels? No, we don’t. Buy toiletries on the go so you can travel light and only grab the items you actually need.

Cheap Clothing

You might be tempted to buy cheap clothing on your travels, but will these stand the test of time and weather? Possibly not. It might be best to invest in a few high quality pieces of clothing, which will ensure you have the appropriate clothing throughout your adventure.

Home Comforts

You might love nothing more than a big ol’ bar of Dairy Milk or your childhood blanket, but do you have enough room for all those items? If you don’t really need it, you shouldn’t take it.

Now you know what not to pack, it’s time to learn how you can make money whilst travelling.

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