Israel In My Eyes – The Middle East Dairies

Today a couple of shots I took while visiting Israel in September 2013. Before you’ll go through them all, I would like to emphasize that these are all pictures from places usually presented on the TV as unstable, dangerous or life-threatening. The truth is that, hospitality and warmth I experienced there, is something I’ve never experienced in Europe (unfortunately). People are happy with their lives and simply enjoy them. During two weeks I didn’t see or hear anything which may, at least in a tiny detail, refer to what’s shown by media.

The say “you are what you eat”. I’d rather say “you are what you believe in”.

So don’t believe in bullshit. Go and check yourself

Tel Aviv: The view from Yaffo. The city itself was founded in the beginning of XX century and currently belongs to one of the youngest cities in this region. The first local settlement was called Neve Tzedek which is now considered to be a noble district with one of the most expensive apartments.

Tel Aviv: A boulevard along the sea coast during sunset. The city is truly surprising – with plenty of modern buildings, wide and clean beach, cafes and pubs you simply can’t get bored here.

Tel Aviv: During Yom Kippur most of the people sit at home. There’s no public transportation and no one works. That day there were only bikes on the streets.

Tel Aviv: A vast majority of buildings in this city is designed in one style. It’s called Bauhaus.

Yaffo: A view from the hill. This, associated mostly with biblical stories about Saint Peter or Salomon, city with a nice, ancient port, is one of the oldest in that region.

Yaffo: One of the oldest cities in this area.

Jerusalem: Action against the global warming. Each globe depicts a different problem.

Jerusalem: A view at the city. The place where you can find orthodox Jews, Muslims and Christians living together.

Jerusalem: The Damascus Gate. After crossing it, you’re entering an amazing world of Souq full of different tastes and smells combined together.

Jerusalem: Jews praying at the Western Wall (also known as Kotel).

Jerusalem: Seeing soldiers on the streets of Jerusalem is nothing surprising. You will meet them on the bus, in the restaurant or in any other place – usually carrying a gun with them.

Herzeliya: Only 10 minutes on the bus from Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. It’s a surfers paradise in Israel.

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