Best Travel Practices And Useful Tips

I read dozens of travel blogs per day and permanently stumble across really stupid travel tips like “don’t forget your camera charger” or “don’t forget a bottle of water”… I could actually write another post named “The Most Ridiculous Travel Tips I’ve Ever Found On The Internet”. But no.

I’d like to introduce you to my best travel practices and tips (being permanently updated). Here we go!

1. Read travel blogs!

Yes, it’s a treasury of knowledge. Most of those travel bloggers have probably already been to the place you wanna go. So read. And don’t forget to put One Penny Trip on your list!

2. Subscribe to websites listing cheap flights and special travel offers.

It’s the best way to be up to date with the best offers and on-a-budget destinations.

3. Buy tickets on certain days and book them for certain days.

It’s usually the cheapest if you buy them on Wednesdays and choose both, start and end of your trip, on Tuesday or Wednesday.

4. Don’t plan things like crazy.

Scheduling is good for school or work, not for traveling. Just enjoy and don’t waste opportunities!

5. Make sure you have a proper insurance.

Even if you’re the most cautious person on this planet, you can never know what’s going to happen on the way. Ensure yourself. It’s better to with pay money for the insurance than with your health for stupidity.

6. Entitle someone trusted to sign documents for you.

Imagine you lost your documents, credit card or someone stole your luggage. Reaching your insurance company or bank may take ages. It’s easier to make a call to your family so they could do it for you in your home town in few hours.

7. Decide what kind of luggage you need.

Backpack or a trolley? Personally I choose depending on the length of the trip and a destination. Think what kind of places would you like to visit and decide which is more suitable for you.

8. Decide which clothes you (really!) need…

…and then take only half of what you’ve chosen. Still, some of them you will never even take out of the suitcase!


9. Don’t be too fussy.

It never pays off. The more restricted you are, the deeper wallet (or the bigger credit card limit) you need.

10. Get a local SIM card for your mobile

It’s the cheapest way to do it and you won’t have to deal with roaming in each country you go. Just grab your old phone, get rid of simlock and you’re ready to go!

11. Consider using Skype mobile app

You can use the app on your phone whenever you’re connected to wi-fi. It means free calls from any place around the world with other Skype users. Also if you’d like to someone on their mobile, try topping up your account with money – it’s still much cheaper than roaming!

12. Spread valuable goods among your bags and outfit.

You may be careful, but other people may be clever. Never keep all important documents and money in one place!

13. Always carry 2 copies of your passport with you.

When your passport is stolen or gets lost it’s good to have a copy.

14. Listen to people.

Locals know the best and sometimes it’s really better to put your travel guide away.

15. Volunteer.

It’s an extra way to save money and enrich your personality. You can use one of hundreds available programs (WWOOF, helpX, WorkAway etc.) to help people for accommodation and food.

16. Take pictures.

And don’t listed to people saying you miss valuable moments. After 50 years probably they will fade away and pictures will be there on the paper. Oh, and you will be able to show your grand children how cool you were 100 wrinkles ago!)

17. Take notes.

Write down things you consider to be worth it. Have a diary or use your notebook. You will never remember all those interesting facts or names of the best dishes and recipes.

18. Don’t waste precious time.

Sleeping until 12.00 is not the best idea. If necessary, wake up earlier than other people to see the sun going up and fall asleep later to the the most amazing night in your life. Leave your computer behind (as long as you’re not writing a post for your blog to earn some extra money for traveling).

19. Try local food.

The taste of the food served in the restaurant in your home town will never be good enough again.

20. Mind language barriers.

Whenever you take taxi, be sure you’ll explain to the driver properly where you want to get to. You can ask someone to write it for you on a paper in a local language or try showing it on the map.

21. Mind cultural differences.

Before you set off, read about the country you go to (yes, point #1 may be useful!). Keep in mind that some behaviors natural for you may be offensive or harmful to other people.

22. Attend local shows and events.

It’s a great eye opener to be a part of something we don’t experience in our daily lives. You can attend a sports, religious or cultural even of the country you travel to to get a deeper understanding of its values.

23. Don’t accept “presents” on the street

It happened to me I got a “present” on the market in Jerusalem. A tiny red yarn to wear as a bracelet on my wrist. Sounds like nothing special? What I got to know later, is that it’s the way they “mark” you and you become a target. It might be a robbery but also something more serious. In my case, 5 minutes after I received a bracelet, I got offered by a guy on the market to “see the church ceremony from the top of the mosque”…


24. Share with other people

Organize a meeting with your friends or a local travel community and share what you’ve seen. Prepare a slide show, tell some stories and make them travel too.

25. Plan your next journey!!

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