5 Fashionable Cities You Don’t Know About

Now we all know that London, New York, Tokyo, Milan and Paris are some of the fashion capitals of the world, but there are other cities out there that are equally as stylish, if not more so – which is why I thought I’d share five of my favourites with you.

1. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

For fashion that’s full of colour and character, you must visit Rio De Janeiro. It’s a city that’s not afraid to be bold and brave, with big block colours to crazy patterns that truly make a statement. It’s a place that truly embraces individual personality.

2. Liverpool, England

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Liverpool a few times, as we’ve family friends in the city. I’ve come to love English style over the years, and Liverpool girls definitely do it best! Whilst we’re not a fan of the ‘scouse brow’, we do love how the girls manage to look both elegant and fun at the same time. You’ll also find a good number of independent boutiques along the high street that are cheap and unique.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

For eclectic fashions that are bound to stand out, visit Amsterdam. It was recently hailed as the new fashion mecca by Vogue due to the city’s experimental styles that allow each person to express themselves. Trust me, Dutch fashion is about to majorly influence the fashion world – so Amsterdam is most definitely worth a visit for some interesting designs.

4. Stockholm, Sweden

Scandinavian style should not be overlooked. There’s a lot of interesting designs coming out of Stockholm lately – you only have to take a look at some of the designs that were featured in Stockholm Fashion Week.

While it’s not the best place for night-time styles, it is most definitely becoming a fashion capital for everyday looks that are bang on trend. People are starting to pay attention to Stockholm fashion week, and you should be, too. I know I am!

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen isn’t exactly synonymous with fashion, but it should be. It is, however, becoming increasingly popular. Danish style proves how simple styles can be as effective as bold designs. While they’re not one to sit on the edge of crazy fashion, they do show the rest of the world how to really work plain, elegant looks to create a style that’s sleek and refined.

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